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General FAQs

Where I can find DARA Lighting mobile app?

DARA Lighting is available for download in App Store for iOS and in Google Play for Android mobile devices.

Can I install and run DARA Lighting app on my mobile device?

DARA Lighting app can be installed and used on a series of supported Android phones with minimum Android OS v5.0 & Bluetooth 4.2 and Apple devices with iOS 11 or newer. Please check our official supported phone list for more details.

What is DARA Lighting?

DARA Lighting is a module of DARA IoT Platform that handles various types of automation for your lighting system in order to improve well-being and increase energy efficiency.

How many DARA devices I can have on the same DALI line?

DARA device contains a bus power for the DALI line so only one DARA device is allowed to be installed on a DALI line.

Do I need an Internet connection to use DARA lighting?

You will need an internet connection on your mobile device in order to configure your DARA network.

Do I need a user account in order to use DARA Lighting?

Yes, in order to provide a secure access, you will need a user account in order to use your DARA network. In order to create a DARA account, open the DARA Lighting app and use one of the available login methods:

    • Login with Facebook, which uses your Facebook account details to generate a DARA account. Any subsequent logins with this account will be done via this method.
    • Login with Google, which uses your Google account details to generate a DARA account. Any subsequent logins with this account will be done via this method.
    • Sign-up with E-mail, which will request you to input a valid e-mail address and a valid password in order to create a DARA account.
How many DALI lamps can control a DARA device?

A single DARA device can control individually up to 64 DALI lamps and 8 DALI-2 sensors on the same DALI line. Please note that each DALI driver is seen as a single lamp in DARA lighting app. If a lamp contains multiple DALI drivers, then each driver will appear as a distinct lamp.

How many lamps I can have in a single group?

You can add up to 64 lamps in a single group.

Can I group lamps from different DARA devices?

Yes, lamps from multiple DARA devices can be grouped together only if they are on the same network.

How many groups I can create on a DARA network?

You can create a maximum of 15 groups on a DARA network, no matter how many DARA devices are in that respective network.

What is a scene in DARA lighting app?

A scene is a collection of custom configurations (dim level or color temperature or RGB color or HCL curve or Presets) that can be applied to specific resources (lamps, groups of lamps or all lamps)

What is a repeated scenario in DARA lighting app?

A repeated scenario represents the automation of a particular scene, based on time and day of the week.

What types of sensors are supported and how can I use them in my DARA network?
  • DARA Lighting allows for a full automation of your lighting network based on DALI-2 motion and daylight sensors.
  • A group of lamps can be configured using the mobile app, with a sensor and a sensor profile to adopt the desired behavior. After a sensor profile is created and saved, a new group can be added to contain lamps and sensors.
Can I use only motion or only daylight profiles for my sensors?

With DARA Lighting you can use either motion or daylight or both profiles simultaneously for your sensors.


I downloaded DARA Lighting mobile app but I do not see any networks.
  • Make sure that your DARA devices were registered and a network of DARA devices was created.
  • Check if your user has been added as an authorized user for the specific network.
I cannot connect to my DARA network using DARA Lighting mobile app. What do I do?
  • If you encounter any problems in connecting to your DARA network, please check these:
    • Check that your DARA devices are turned on;
    • Check that you are in the Bluetooth proximity of at least one DARA device from your intended network;
    • On your mobile device go to your Bluetooth section in Settings menu and delete the pairing records with the DARA devices. If you still cannot connect, please restart the power to the DARA devices and attempt again.
    • If you still cannot connect to your DARA network, please contact our support team.
One of my DARA devices is not responding. What do I do?
  • If a DARA device is shown with one bar on the connection meter (in the mobile app, Settings->Devices), then the DARA device is out of range, offline or not responding. Move closer to the respective DARA device, check its power status, restart it and then check again the list of Devices in the mobile app. Now the DARA device should appear online. If the issue is still not solved, then please contact our support team.
Some lamps are not responding to dimming commands.

Go to manual control screen (main screen) of DARA Lighting mobile app. Select group All and send a dim command to all lamps. If some lamps fail to respond, then check if the lamps are properly connected to the power and DALI lines.

Some lamps respond to dim commands in group All but cannot be added to groups or other settings. What do I do?

If the lamps are not available in the Settings ->Groups & Lamps menu, then a device recommission is recommended. If this does not solve the issue, please contact our support team.

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