DARA platform

The next generation smart lighting technology

DARA is an IoT platform that unlocks the full potential of data driven analytics for increasing business performance and efficiency. Using advanced mesh technology to dynamically connect hundreds of luminaires, devices, sensors and smart applications, DARA offers solutions to ever changing customer needs when it comes to energy saving, predictive maintenance, heatmaps, intruder detection alert, human productivity and well-being.

DARA Devices

DARA Devices

Large-scale mesh technology to dynamically connect luminaires, apps, sensors and other smart objects.

DARA Mobile Aplication

DARA Mobile Aplication

Powerful yet easy to use mobile application for complete lighting setup, remote control, firmware update and network management.

DARA Web Dashboard

DARA Web Dashboard

Centralized data-driven analytics for energy consumption, preventive maintenance, heatmap, and intruder detection alert

Main features


Uses large-scale mesh technology to dynamically connect luminaires, sensors and other smart objects.


Encapsulates multiple layers of security for protecting data communication between devices, software applications, data bases.


One single or multiple inter-connected DARA modules gets data from different devices, applications and ecosystems.


DARA uses all standards in intelligent lighting control applications like DALI devices, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (from 4.0), and EnOcean.


Comprehensive dashboards and reports show the real-time impact on business workflows, processes and expenses.


Additional intelligence layer on top of controlled devices powered by the secured environment provided by Microsoft Azure.

End to end lighting design,
connectivity solutions, and services.

We reduce technical and financial risks to bring your desired project alive in the fastest way possible.  Our certified award winning lighting designers and engineers are ready to take any challenge, from mechanical to electronic engineering to design, prototype, test and develop according to your very specific needs. 






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