Our Partners.

DARA has formed strategic partnerships with technology experts that aim to create and enhance new value-added benefits and integrated solutions for our partners and customers.

Partners in alphabetical order:


Looking into the future, DARA – Greentek’s flagship Iot product, unveils new possibilities for professional lighting management. DARA Lighting is a unique software & hardware platform that uses intelligent lighting infrastructure to orchestrate innovative business processes by leveraging the power of IoT.




Thanks to the cooperation with LUMITECH, DARA app is enriched with bright new intelligent lighting features thus expanding the traditional smart lighting focus on energy efficiency towards human centric lighting and intelligent light colors.

Want to be a partner?

DARA's mission is to enlighten the way for businesses around the world and accelerate their developing rhythm through seamless innovation.

We are always interested in connecting with new potential partners interested in building strong collaborations.

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