An Intelligent Lighting Infrastructure

The Power of IoT

Discover DARA, the modular, scalable and integrated IoT platform

IoT DARA Platform.

DARA is a unique software platform that uses intelligent lighting infrastructure to orchestrate innovative business processes by leveraging the power of IoT.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is constantly transforming the way we live and the way we do business. In the digital era smart connected devices are reshaping how we work, communicate with each other and how we interact with our environment.

Smart connected devices are steadily becoming a regular presence in the spaces where we work, live, travel and relax. Here they share information between themselves and collect data about their surroundings, which can be shared further to other people and devices in a controlled and secure way. This is how data interconnectivity and operation meet.

Smart Lighting. DARA Lighting.

Integrate thousands of luminaires and sensors.

Control individual or grouped luminaires for a customizable scene-setting that allows you to easily adjust the lighting needs. Set intensity level, color temperature and RGB color as you wish.

Create your personalized light.

Set intensity, change the color temperature, set color in RGB spectrum (for luminaires that support this feature), switch it on and off, set automated scenarios for light, plus other functionalities.

Enjoy the DARA experience!

Download DARA Lighting mobile app from App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android).

DATA IoT Ecosystem Overview.

DARA IoT Platform.

Linking physical and digital worlds DARA is marking a shift from simple to intelligence - infused products.

    Can use one single or multiple inter-connected modules of DARA.
    Remote access to operations and business flows from everywhere
    Uses large-scale mesh technology to dynamically connect devices from different industries.

Smart lighting. DARA Lighting.

Make settings directly from the application available on the mobile device: set the desired light intensity (dim level), switch the light on/off, group a set of luminaires together, to apply the same settings at once, define scenarios for automated functioning.

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