Smart Lighting. DARA Lighting.

Discover the innovative lighting device connected over the web in a secure, real-time available solution.

DARA is a unique software & hardware platform that uses intelligent lighting infrastructure to orchestrate innovative business processes by leveraging the power of IoT. Smart lighting evolves towards control and efficiency, further from its initial concept of basic illumination.

DARA Lighting's embedded mesh technology and the use of enterprise scale cloud services allows you to configure intelligent control and to easily add or remove new devices or luminaires from the network. Luminaires can be controlled individually or grouped for a customizable scene-setting that allows to easily adjust the lighting needs through the Dara mobile app.

Control the light locally (Bluetooth connection, phone near the luminaires) or remotely (from a distance, via Wi-Fi), by setting intensity (dim level), changing the color temperature (Control Color Temperature), setting color in RGB spectrum (for luminaires that support this feature), switch it on and off, setting automated scenarios for light (based on calendar, set the lights beforehand at the desired dim/temperature level) plus other functionalities.

Easy installation, DALI fully compatible.

DARA devices can be used together with any DALI luminaires from any producer and they are not limited to a particular system.

Create scenes and scenarios.

You can configure scenarios for each luminaire or group of luminaires, scenarios that can be scheduled to run at a certain time, without any human intervention.

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DARA's mission is to enlighten the way for businesses around the world and accelerate their developing rhythm through seamless innovation.

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