Smart reports. DARA Control.

DARA Control is a secure web application that can be used from any device, being a laptop or a tablet. Besides the features available in the DARA Lighting mobile application, DARA Control will ensure you full visibility to accurate reports that will enable you to control your user’s activity, energy consumption, preventive maintenance (broken or missing lamps) from a centralized dashboard.

You will be able to obtain an accurate picture of your active lamps, installed devices, and how they performed according to the manual control and the scenarios created. DARA Control enables you to perform remotely various tasks, reducing the costs associated to travel and on-site interventions. System data gives you near real-time reports into power consumption and cost, helping you plan and schedule more efficiently.

DARA Control Benefits.

You can monitor in real-time the estimated electricity consumption, calculated according to the period of use and dim level of the luminaires.

Designated users may receive alerts when lighting faults occur, reducing this way the cost of maintenance for the lighting system. Proper planning for replacements and repair can be done.

In the application, you can load the project’s plan and see this way in a graphical and useful display if the lamps are working or if there is any malfunctioning.

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